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Wedge Wire Screens Manufactured in the Flat
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Sieve screens or bends  & flat panels used in wastewater applications

Industries  :  Wedge Wire Screens for Waste Water

BDI Screens manufactures wedge wire screens for the waste water industry. Often, sewer networks can get overloaded during heavy rainfall and can't transport the flow to the wastewater treatment plant. This can lead to a combined wastewater/storm water overflow and resulting pollution issues. By implementing waste water diversion screens, overflows can be cleaned before they pollute receiving waters.

At the wastewater plant, flat wedge wire decking in final settlement tanks helps with the reduction of suspended solids. A wide variety of industrial sludges can being successfully dewatered on wedge wire screens.

Primary wastewater uses for wedge wire screens:
• Solids removal from process wastewater
• Process wastewater/sewage treatment
• Water diversion, keep trash out of rivers, streams, sewers, fountains, etc.
• Fruit and vegetable wastewater processing

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Sloped Stainless Steel Sieve Screen Stainless Steel Water Diversion Sieve
Wedge Wire Screen Used in Diversion Dam

Stainless Steel Hydro Screen
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