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Wedge wire screens used for lauter tun or mash tun in craft beer breweries

Industries  :  Tanks / Kettle / Brewing Systems

BDI Screens manufactures wedge wire screens for the brewery industry. Stainless steel wedge wire screens provide a false bottom in a lauter tun in many craft beer breweries. The lauter tun screen is necessary for a proper separation process. All BDi lauter tun/mash tun screens are custom built to your specifications. These wedge wire screens can be built as one piece/screen or in sections to fit through any size manway and are designed to sit on a ledge within the tank/kettle.

Call BDi to learn more about mash tun, lauter tun or custom screens for accurate liquid/solid separation in all industries.

Primary tanks/kettle/brewing system uses for wedge wire screens:
• Lauter tun screen
• Mash tun screen
• False bottom screens
• Custom made screens for retro-fit or new installations

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Lauter Tun Screen used in Micro Brewery Stainless Steel Mash Tun
Wedge Wire Mash Tun used in Craft Beer Brewery

Stainless Steel Lauter Tun
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